new playmats.

discover our fresh new playmat additions.

our playmats have been designed to complement grown-up spaces, from birth throughout junior life. you won't be hiding these away when guests come to visit! affectionately known as the "boom boom", our playmats come in two unique, oversized shapes - round (135cm) and oval (2m x 1.2m). we created them a little larger than your regular playmat as we figured we should make room for growing juniors, their siblings and friends. quilted in a soft canvas with a memory-foam core, our playmats are made from junior-friendly, non-toxic materials resistant to water, stains and uv. our playmats arrive in a cotton canvas tote for portable playtime, indoors and outdoors. at the end of the day simply spot clean or throw your playmat in the washing machine. on their own or layered with together, our playmats will make any room...